Poonjar Palace, Kottayam

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The Poonjar Palace sits grandly at Poonjar enroute to Pala-Erattupetta from Kottayam. This palace is an evidence of the rich heritage of Kerala. The palace houses a wide array of royal antiques, beautiful sculptures and lamps engraved from rocks. You will also find elegant furniture that includes a droni or a treatment bed and a palanquin. The doni bed is built out of only one piece of wood. There are splendid chandeliers and other exquisite lamps, jewel boxes, grain measures and palm leave engravings that enhance the beauty of the palace. You will see fine craftsmanship in the statues, the Nataraja sculptures and weapons that the palace preserves from a bygone era.

Along with all these items, there remains a unique conch which is used in rituals. In the vicinity of the Poonjar Palace, stands the reproduction of the Meenakshi Temple of Madurai. The walls of this temple are decorated with sculptures that depict stories from the Puranas. The specialty of this temple is the row of lamps or Chuttuvilakku which are curved from rocks.


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