Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi Temple, Kottarakkara

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Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi Temple, one of the chief attractions Kottarakkara, is a most visited pilgrim center in Kerala. Located at a distance of about 25 km from the heart of Kollam district, the temple can be easily reached by road.

The temple was originally known as Kizhakkekara Siva Temple with Lord Shiva as its presiding deity. But over the years the temple became famous as a temple dedicated to Ganapathy, a sub deity installed in the temple. Vinayaka Chathurthy, Navarathri and Ayilyam-Makam are the main festivals celebrated in this temple which draw thousands of devotees every year from all over south India.

The temple has idols of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati, Lord Murugan and Lord Ayyappa installed in the complex. The temple is open to people from all religions and carries a divine as well as serene ambience. Kottarakkara Sree Mahaganapathi Temple is famed all over Kerala for its Unni Appam, a food offering made at the temple.


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