Vaishnava Temple, Konark

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Vaishnava Temple in Konark is a beautiful temple located within the complex of Sun temple. It is one of the several small shrines that surround the main Sun temple.

This small shrine is one of the two temples that have managed to survive the fury of nature and till date stands proudly near the grand Sun temple. But the main superstructure of the Vaishnava Temple is missing. It was discovered in 1956.

This temple was constructed of large bricks and covered with a plaster of lime and sand. The temple is decorated with extraordinary depiction of several animals, like horses and elephants.

A large number of carvings of Gods and humans are also found depicted on the temple. The carvings on the Vaishnava temple are believed to display a celebration of life. It is a place that tourists visiting the Sun temple do not miss to pay a visit.

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