Chaurasi, Konark

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Chaurasi is small village situated on the right bank of River Prachi. The place is famous for its temples dedicated to Barahi, Amareshras and Laxminarayanan. Barahi, also known as Varahi, is the name of the Mother Goddess.

The temple was built in the first quarter of the 10th century A.D. The reigning deity of the temple is Goddess Barahi. She is depicted to have a boar face and a pot belly. She holds a fish in one hand and a cup in the other. She has a third eye on her forehead.

The deity is worshipped according to the tantric rituals. The temple is lavishly decorated with splendid architecture. The temple has a rectangular porch at the superstructure level.

Tourists flock to have a glimpse of the unique Barahi deity, who is offered fish every day. The other two temples dedicated to Laxminarayan and Amareshwar also attract visitors.

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