Mayadevi Temple, Konark

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Mayadevi Temple in Konark is located in the Sun temple complex. This temple is also known as the Chayadevi Temple since it is believed to be dedicated to Goddess Chayadevi. The temple comprises of a sanctum or deul and a porch or Jagamohana that stand on a raised platform.

The platform’s façade is decorated with extensive architectural splendour. The superstructure of the sanctum and the porch has been destroyed over time. But the interior of the porch displays outstanding sculptural finish. The inner sanctum does not have any deity placed inside it. A row of khondalite stones surround the temple complex.

The temple was believed to have been constructed in reverence to one of the wives of the Sun God, Mayadevi. But now it is believed to be the older Sun temple. Tourists visiting the Sun temple make it a point to visit this temple as well.

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