Astaranga, Konark

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Astaranga is a famous fishing centre near Konark. The place is situated near the mouth of the Devi River. It lies at a distance of 19 km from Konark. Astaranga is a combination of two words, Asta meaning sunset and Ranga meaning colour in the Oriya language.

The name is appropriate for the place as the horizon of Astaranga displays mesmerizing colours during the sunset. It draws tourists from all over the country to see this enchanting site. The Astaranga beach provides the backdrop to enjoy the beauty of the place in a more enchanting manner.

The place is also well known for salt production and fishing. The small fish market on the beach is the place where fishermen display various fish and sell them to interested buyers. The mornings in Astaranga are a milieu where the fishermen return from the sea and buyers wait anxiously to buy the fresh catch.


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