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Hebbe Falls, Kemmannugundi


Tourists must visit Hebbe Falls as it is one of the most popular attractions of Kemmanagundi. Hebbe Falls, cascading from the elevation of 168 m, is located amid a coffee estate. Travellers planning to explore this waterfall can reach the site on foot or on a four-wheeler. The fall is divided into two in the midst of the course; the bigger portion has been named 'Dodda Hebbe' and smaller one is known as 'Chikka Hebbe'.

Hebbe Falls is the perfect site for people who are looking forward to spend some time amidst tranquil natural surroundings. Tourists can bathe here as it is believed that the water contains high medicinal properties that can easily cure skin diseases as well as common cold.

Adventure enthusiasts can reach the fall via trekking on a narrow path from Kemmanagundi and participate in water sports. Travellers can visit the fall via jeeps that are easily available here.