Narsingh Ji Temple, Kathua

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Narsingh Ji Temple is an ancient temple dedicated to Lord Narsingh or Narshima, a form of Hindu God of Preservation, Lord Vishnu. This 1600 year temple is situated in the town of Ghagwal in Kathua District. The temple enshrines three idols namely, Narsingh Avatar, Narsingh Roop and Annpurana. These 3 idols together can only be spotted in the Narsingh Ji Temple of Ghagwal. A huge water pond can be sighted by visitors in proximity to this temple.Tourists can also see a Jinda Samadhi of Baba Nar Hari Dass Ji Maharaji in the complex of this temple. Moreover, the devotees can spot a Maha Mandleshwar Gaddi also popular as Sh. Amarnath Jammu & Kashmir Nagar Khalsa at this religious site. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided on a daily basis at this site to more than 200 people.This pilgrimage site is thronged during the occasion of Makarsakranti, Ratha Khara and Janamasthmi. A fair is held during special occasions in which people from hilly areas sell woollen items that include handicrafts and blankets, to name a few.

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