Mopila Bay, Kannur

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Mopila Bay (also known as Mappila Bay) is situated a few kilometres away from Kannur town at Ayikkara village. A natural harbour known for its beauty and historical significance, Mopila Bay is bordered with Fort St. Angelo on one side and Arakkal Palace on the other.

The harbour has a long history dating back to the reign of the Kolathiris and still holds the glory of the bygone era. It was an active commercial centre of Kolathunadu and had established trade links with other neighbouring countries. It is recommended that travellers cover the bay, Fort St. Angelo and Arakkal Palace in a day’s trip.

A wall from the fort protrudes into the sea, separating the sea from inland water and allowing the safe arrival and anchoring of boats. Travellers can enjoy boat trips along the bay, but it is highly advised to check the climatic conditions prior to the trip. Moppila Bay was recently renovated as a local fishing hub under the Indo-Norwegian pact and has gained much popularity among tourists during recent times.


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