Madayipara, Kannur

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Madayipara, a green hummock and a scenic stretch of laterite rocks, is situated at Pazhayangadi town (about 25 km away from Kannur) on the banks of Kuppam River. The region is rich in bio-diversity and carries a long history which can be traced back to the reign of Ezhimala Kings.

Ruins of an ancient fort named Pazhi Kotta and its watchtowers can be spotted on the sides of the hill. Another chief attraction in the area is the Madayikkavu (also known as Thiruvar Kadu Bhagavathi Temple) where Goddess Bhadrakali is worshipped. Vadukunnu Temple (the presiding deity of which is Lord Shiva) Malik Ibn Dinar mosque (popularly known as Maday Mosque) are situated in the surroundings, attracting travelers with their historic significance.

Madayipara attracts nature lovers with its exciting variety of flora and fauna. According to records about 300 kinds of flowering plants, 30 types of grass, 100 species of butterflies and 150 species of birds are spotted in the region. The area is best known for the wide variety of medicinal herbs it houses. Though not extensively explored by travelers at the moment, Madayipara holds within it the potential for becoming a booming tourist spot in the future.


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