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Kizhakkekara Sree Krishna Temple, Kannur


Kizhakkekara Sree Krishna Temple is an ancient Krishna temple in Kerala which is believed to have been built almost 3000 years back. The temple is situated at Chrirakkal at a distance of about 7 km from Kannur town and is accessible by road.

With a history that goes back to several centuries, the temple kindles the interest of history lovers and archaeologists. The manuscript collections of the temple are estimated to be of 2500 years old by the Archaeology Department of India.

The presiding deity of Kizhakkekara Sree Krishna Temple is Bala Gopala, a rarely worshipped form of Lord Krishna. The temple is situated close to Chirakkal pond which attracts visitors with its 5 acres of magnificent water area.

The temple was held sacred during the reign of Chrirakkal Rajavamsham and served as the venue for a unique feeding ritual called Annadhanam. The surroundings of the temple are serene and an air of divinity lingers in the temple premises offering a sense of spiritual fulfillment to visitors.


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