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Dharmadam Island, Kannur

Dharmadam Island is a tiny island separated from the mainland of Dharmadam by 100 m. The island is spread over an area of 5 acres and is filled with coconut trees and emerald bushes. It is commonly known as the Green Island, and the thickly grown trees of the island rightly justify that name.

Dharmadam Island is located at Dharmadam Township, a few kilometres away from Thalassery. The island can be spotted from Muzhuppilangad Beach and offers a picturesque view. The virgin beauty of the island is truly enchanting, and travellers can walk to the island from the beach when the tides are low.

However, it is highly advisable that those who plan to cross the sea by foot do it under proper guidance as it is very likely that the water level of the sea rises unexpectedly during high tide.

Dharmadam Island is privately owned, and travellers can enter the region only with prior permission from the authorities.


Dharmadam Island Photos

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