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  • 01Deolo Hill

    Deolo Hill is a great way to do a lot of things in Kalimpong at the same time. The shopping in Kalimpong along with the horse ride put together with the amazing views from the spot make for an amazing way to spend a day in Kalimpong.

    Visitors instantly fall in love with the evening mist and the lush green gardens that surround the location. Deolo Hill is essentially the highest point in Kalimpong. It is also known as Hilltop Park and is a great place for some away, alone time.

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  • 02Zong Dhog Palri Fo Brang Monastery

    Pristine and calm are two words that best describe this Buddhist monastery. The chanting hall is quiet and provides a peaceful atmosphere. Typical of an old monastery is architectural degradation due to lack of maintenance. Such is not the case with the Zong Dhog Palri Fo Brang Monastery being a relatively new construction.

    The young Lamas are ever enthusiastic to show you around the place and acquaint you with their ways and methods. Travellers are recommended one visit to this place during sunset when the hues are supposedly very pretty.

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  • 03Kalimpong Roman Catholic Church

    Kalimpong Roman Catholic Church

    Kalimpong is one of the few places in India where several religions coexist in harmony. The Kalimpong Roman Catholic Church is just one example since it is nestled in the midst of Buddhist monasteries, temples and a few mosques in and around the town.

    If you happen to be in and around Gompus Lodge, it is just a short walk down the street. The church architecture is remnant of colonial times, and the peaceful ambience is perfect for an evening of peace and quiet.

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  • 04Cactus Nursery

    As unusual a concept as it may sound, a cactus nursery actually has a lot to offer to Kalimpong tourists. The compelling factor is the cost, which is just around 20 Indian Rupees. The caretakers have managed an impossible task by maintaining cactus plantation outside their natural habitat.

    Photographers are in for a time of their life here, and one must visit this plantation on their trip to Kalimpong. One can also purchase a few samples, which are up for sale and are very reasonable. The owners of the plantation also offer accommodation in the premises for free.

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  • 05Kalimpong Arts And Craft Centre

    Kalimpong Arts And Craft Centre

    Rabindranath Tagore, the literary guru who wrote the Indian National Anthem has been immortalized in this museum that is a tribute to him. Historically known as Chitra Bhanu, the centre features two large memorials of Tagore and serves as a vocational training centre.

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  • 06Teesta Bazaar

    Teesta Bazaar

    Teesta Bazaar is a town on the banks of the river Teesta. It is just a few kilometres from Kalimpong and makes for an ideal day trip. The town offers some great food, amazing photography prospects, clean air and cheap local shopping. The best things to buy at Teesta Bazaar are daggers, footwear and ethnic lanterns.

    All the products sold here are of Chinese, Tibetan and Bhutanese influence. River rafting is a popular sport here, and the town is known for the point where the river Teesta flows into West Bengal. This border area is filled with excitement as Indian army troops are on constant patrol.

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