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Kalahasti Temple, as the name suggests, is situated in the town of Srikalahasti in Andhra Pradesh. It is one among the most important temples of Lord Shiva. The temple is at a distance of 36 km from Tirupati and is the site for the famous Vayu Linga that represents one of the five elements, the Air or the Wind, of the Panchabootha Sthamalms or the temples associated with the elements. The Linga enshrined in this temple is considered a form of Lord Shiva and is worshipped as Kalahasteeswara.

According to a legend, Bhakta Kannapa prayed to Lord Shiva in this temple and offered his eyes to Lord who sought out to test the devotion of this devotee. The lord appeared before him and granted his devotee salvation. The temple was constructed in two parts; the inside part was built in the 5th century, and the part that is outside was built in the 12th century. The outer part of the temple was built by the Chola king and the outside architecture is in keeping with style preferred by the Cholas.

This temple is thronged not only by devotees of Lord Shiva, but also those who wish to abate Rahu, Ketu doshas in their horoscope, by the way of special pujas. People who visit Tirupati, make it a point to visit the Kalahastesswara temple in Kalahasti.


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