Bharadwaja Tirtham, Kalahasti

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Bharadwaja Thirtham is located on the eastern side of the Kalahasti Temple and is situated in the middle of three hills. It gains its name from Sage Bharadwaja who meditated in Treta Yuga (A bygone period in the Hinduism) The location of the Thirtham is a picturesque valley that offers a view of lush green hills and a stream of crystal clear water flows through the valley giving the place an ethereal quality. It is little wonder then that this part of the town was chosen for establishing the Thirtham, or a sanctified water-body.

The Thirtham is in the form of a tank and situated within it is a majestic and grand statue of Thapo Vinayaka (Ganesha in meditation) making the atmosphere truly divine. However, to reach the Thirtham you will have to pass through a busy market. The Thirtham experiences major activity during the time of Mahashivratri when millions of devotees come for a holy dip in the tank. In fact, it is believed that worship and prayers to Lord Shiva can begin only after devotees washed their bodies in this Thirtham.


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