Durgambika Temple, Kalahasti

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The Durgambika Temple in Srikalahasti is a very old temple that is dedicated to the Goddess Durgambika. Like most temples of Hindu Goddesses, this temple too is built on top of a small hillock. The temple is situated on the northern side of Kalahastiswara Temple and is built around 800 meters above sea level. The shrine of Durgambika is popularly visited by the locals as well as by tourists because of its scenic location. Broad steps are built starting from the base of the hill to the temple. This makes the climb easier and comfortable for the devotees.

Goddess Durgambika holds a lot of religious significance for the people of the town because in Hindu mythology Goddesses are considered as givers of life. They not only give birth to life but also help nurture and sustain life on earth. Hence, hundreds of devotees flock each year to visit the temple and seek blessings from the Goddess.


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