Pentecostal church, Itarsi

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Pentecostal Church located in Itarsi is famous not only in India but its glory is spread all over the world. This Church is the headquarters of the Fellowship of the Pentecostal Churches in India. It has about 1100 churches under its network, which are spread across the length and breadth of the country.

The Church has been acting actively to establish new churches all over the country and spread the message of the Gospel among the people. The Fellowship of the Pentecostal Churches in India has around 1100 pastors who follow the activities of the mother church based at Itarsi. The church draws faithful devotees and tourists alike throughout the year.

Tourists are fascinated by the beauty of the church. Often people from far and nearby places come to Itarsi to visit the church. The church has a mighty hand in spreading the name of Itarsi across the country.


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