Boodhi Mata Mandir, Itarsi

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Boodhi Mata Mandir is a popular temple situated in Itarsi. The temple is one of the several places of religious interest that are famous in Itarsi. The Boodhi Mata Mandir is a pilgrimage site that is frequented by devotees throughout the year. Tourists flock here to have a sight of this glorious temple.

The city of Itarsi is a place known as much for its industries as for the religious places present there.The Boodhi Mata Temple stands as a witness to the city’s religious inclination. Located in a beautiful area comprising of lovely green plants, the temple is a sight to behold.

The white walls of the temple gleam under the rays of the sun and present a picture of peace and purity. Devotees have immense faith and regard for the reigning deity of the temple. The temple can be easily reached from the Itarsi railway station.


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