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Hussaini Masjid, Itarsi

Hussaini Masjid is a famous mosque situated in Itarsi. The people of this small city are a united group of people who believe in unity in diversity. That is why Itarsi is a place where people of all religious communities happily co-exist.

Itarsi has a substantial population that believes in Islam, and there are several mosques situated in the small city like the Noorani Mazjid, Hussaini Mazjid, mazjid Habeebiya Barkate Raza, etc. The Hussaini Masjid is a revered place for the people belonging to this community.

The mosque features a wonderful structural design and intricate carvings. A large number of people regularly attend the prayers held at the masjid. The mosque is famous among the tourists and people coming to Itarsi for sight-seeing often make it a point to visit this religious site. The mosque is easily accessible, and tourists can reach there through means of public transport.