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Snow World, Hyderabad


The Snow World in Hyderabad was a first of its kind amusement park in the country. It was opened for the public in the beginning of 2004. It can accommodate around 2400 people in one day. Like the name suggests, one can have the experience of artificially produced snow and snowfall in this park. Tones of artificial snow is placed in layers on the floors of this indoor park and visitors can throw snowballs at each other or build snowmen with this snow.

The snow is prepared by filtering the water four times; thus, it is absolutely safe if small children even consume the snow. Before you enter the park, you have to wear heavy woollen clothes to protect yourself from the chill. As soon as you enter, you are given a cup of hot piping soup to warm your body for the experience. Inside the park are various facilities like snow tube slide, ice bumping cars, ice skating rink, snow war zone and sleigh slides.