Raymonds Tomb, Hyderabad

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Raymond’s tomb is where lies buried Michel Joachim Marie Raymond who was the famous French general of the Nizam’s army. The tomb is more than 200 year old, and was at one time often visited by locals who would carry incense and flowers to the grave. In fact, the Nizam would also send a box of cheroots and a bottle of beer every year on 25th March that were offered at the tomb. The tomb held a shrine-like importance for the locals of Hyderabad until about 1940.

Raymond was a beloved soldier in the Nizam’s army and was well-known to the local population as a brave, kind and gentle man. The Nizam held Raymond in high regard, and there is also a small hill named after him in Hyderabad; the Mussa Ram Bagh in Malakpet. Unfortunately, Raymond’s tomb was not maintained properly and collapsed in 2001 during heavy rainfall. However, the government took the initiative of repairing and renovating the tomb in order to restore its former glory.




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