Purani Haveli, Hyderabad

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Purani Haveli, or an old mansion, is actually a palace that is in Hyderabad and used to be the official dwelling quarters of the Nizams of Hyderabad during the pre-independence era. During ancient times, the palace was also known by the name Haveli Khadeem and was built by Ali Khan Bahadur Asaf Jah II. He gifted the palace to his son Sikandar Jah Asaf Jah III who ruled over the city from 1803 until 1829.

The palace has been built in U-shape and has two ellipsoidal wings that have been made parallel to one another. The residential part of the palace is situated in the middle of the two wings in a perpendicular position. The Haveli reminds one of the European palaces of the eighteenth century. An interesting feature of the palace is a wardrobe that has the distinction of being the world’s longest wardrobe. In fact, the wardrobe also has a wooden elevator for convenience.




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