Public Gardens, Hyderabad

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Public Gardens are located in Hyderabad and were previously known as Bagh-e-Aam meaning Park for the People. The Garden was built by the Nizams for the general public in the year 1920. Even today, the Public Garden is frequented by hundreds of people every day. There are numerous beautiful gardens in Hyderabad however; the Public Gardens are the favorite among the local population and tourists alike. Located within the compound of the Public Gardens is the Andhra Pradesh State Archeological Museum that is a popular place among art lovers.

The Gardens also encompasses the State Archaeological Museum, Jubilee Hall, State Legislature, Telgu Lalita Kala Thornam and Jawahar Bal Bhavan. Lying adjacent to the AP State Archeological Museum is the Contemporary Art Museum. Public Gardens are a must visit at least once even if you are not interested in seeing the Museums. The green and well maintained lawns of the garden are a delight to behold and serve as excellent spots for leisure filled evenings.




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