Paigah Tombs, Hyderabad

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Paigah Tombs belong to the royal family of the Paigah also known by the name Shums Ul Umrahi family. The tombs, also known as Maqhbra Shums Ul Umra, are situated in the Pisal banda suburb of Hyderabad. Nawab Taig Jung Bahadur started the construction of the tombs in 1787 and the work was later carried on by Amir E Kabir I, the son of Jung Bahadur. Many generations of the Paigah are buried within this historical tomb. The Paigah tombs are famous because of their unique style of architecture.

In fact, it is believed that the style and architecture of the tombs is unmatched in this world. The tombs are magnificently adorned with stucco work, and the architectural style is a rich amalgamation of the Greek, Persian, Mughal, Rajasthani, Asaf Jahi and Deccani architecture. The tombs are the best example of the unparalleled and supreme craftsmanship of the times. The inlay of marbles (that were added much later) is a sight to behold.


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