Ocean Park, Hyderabad

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The Ocean Park situated in Hyderabad is the second largest amusement park in the country. It is located 20km on the outskirts of the city and is close by to the Osman Sagar Lake. The Park is a treat for the eyes as well since it has well-maintained and green lawns and clean and clear sparkling waters. This amusement park is a favorite among locals and tourists alike because of the high standards of maintenance. Care has been taken to provide wholesome entertainment for the kids and grown-ups alike.

In fact, efforts have been taken to make the Park absolutely safe for kids. The rides include dry rides as well as water rides. One can choose from a variety of options available in the Park. You can choose to spend your time in the ocean pool or take the thrilling rides that include tea cups, air drops, ships and trains. All the rides in the Park are super-fun and safe.


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