Mir Alam Tank, Hyderabad

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Mir Alam Tank, a lake situated on the Hyderabad-Bangalore Highway is in proximity to the famous Nehru Zoological Park. The Mir Alam Lake used to provide water for drinking and cooking purposes of the inhabitants of Hyderabad much before the Himayat Sagar and Hussain Sagar lakes were built. The lake was commissioned in the year 1804 by Mir Alam Bahadur who served his office as the then Prime Minister of Hyderabad State.

Mir Akbar Ali Khan Sikandar Jah Asif Jah, who was the third Nizam of Hyderabad, had the lake built during his reign. It took two years to complete the building of the lake. The lake has an interesting history attached to it. Mir Alam had led the forces of Nizam against the battle with Tipu Sultan. It is believed that Mir Alam built the lake from part of the treasure that he grabbed from Sriranagapatnam after defeating Tipu Sultan.


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