Koti, Hyderabad

Koti is a commercial part of the city of Hyderabad and is divided into two sections; King Koti and Ram Koti. The place derives its name from the Koti Residency meaning the mansion house that used to be the dwelling quarters of the concubines of the Nizams. However, the mansion was later turned into a residence for James Achilles Kirkpatrick. Today, the mansion is part of the Osmania University and is a college for women. If you are looking for books in Hyderabad, then Koti is the place to visit.

Apart from being an ideal place for shopping for clothes, jewellery and household things, Koti has the best market for buying books. You can buy cheap electronics from Gujrati Gali in Koti. Many important banks, like State Bank of India and Andhra Bank, have their branches located in Koti. Osmania Medical College, the oldest medical college in India is an important educational institution situated in Koti.




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