IMAX, Hyderabad

The IMAX Theatre or the Prasad’s IMAX Theatre was the first of its kind to be opened in Hyderabad. This film complex was opened with the aim of providing wholesome entertainment to the local population as well as to the visiting tourists. The IMAX has several screens that are capable of running different movies at the same time. Watching a movie at IMAX is unparalleled because of the clear screens and comfortable seating. The entire experience is one of its kinds.

The complex also has an excellent food court where you can satiate your hunger. The food court offers a wide range of cuisine. You can also quench your thirst by ordering tall glasses of shakes and smoothies. For those interested in shopping, IMAX has a wide range of designer and international brands to choose from. The adventurous ones can try their hand at grappling and the more spirited ones can take a tour of the Scary House. IMAX is definitely entertainment at its best.


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