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Hyderabad Botanical Garden, Hyderabad


The Hyderabad Botanical Garden, also named Kotla Vijayabhaskara Reddy Botanical Garden, is very popular among the locals as well as tourists. The garden is located near HITECH City and is only 16 km from the Hyderabad railway station. The garden is ideally located on the Hyderabad-Mumbai highway. The botanical garden in Hyderabad was built with the main aim of conserving and developing germplasm and the garden is well-equipped with the latest techniques and gadgets to fulfil this function successfully.

The garden has also been built to educate people about nature and to encourage them to help preserve the flora and fauna surrounding the city. As of now, there are five sections of the botanical garden that are open to the public. These sections house medicinal plants, ornamental plants, aquatic plants, timber trees, bamboos, fruits trees and more. Even if you are not a hardcore environmentalist, a visit to the garden is recommended since it has been beautifully built over a large area. The garden has beautiful meadows, waterbodies and small rolling hills that are a treat to sore eyes.

Hyderabad Botanical Garden Photos