Ananda Buddha Vihara, Hyderabad

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Ananda Buddha Vihara is a quaint Buddhist temple located on a small hillock in Hyderabad. The first sight of the temple is sure to take your breath away. Once you have managed to climb the hillock you can take in a splendid view of the entire city from this great a height. The temple has been beautifully built keeping in mind the Buddhist form of style and architecture. The temple has a huge hall that is naturally lit by the sunlight that streams in through the life-size French windows.

What strikes one at this time is the calm and peace that seems to be oozing out from the walls of the temple and is everywhere around you. The moment you enter the temple you are bound to forget the hustle and bustle of the city life. A large and golden statue of Lord Buddha is placed in the center of the hall, and you will find many devotees sitting around here meditating.




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