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  • 01Gangotri National Park

    Gangotri National Park

    Gangotri National Park is a must visit tourist attraction of the region. The national park is located 30 km away from the village and is spread over an area of 1553 sq km. This park is home to 15 species of animals and 150 species of birds.

    Tourists can see snow leopards, brown bears, musk deers, thars, Himalayan barbets, tigers, serows, pheasants, partridges, koklass, bharals, Himalayan monals, doves, pigeons, and parakeets here.

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  • 02Dharali


    Dharali is a small village located at a distance of around 3 km from Harsil. This village lies on the banks of the holy River Ganga and is encircled by verdant pine trees. Tourists can see numerous apple orchards and red bean fields here.

    Mesmerising views of several snow-capped peaks can be enjoyed from this small hamlet. The place is known for its ancient Shiva Temple, having an architecture similar to that of the Kedarnath Temple. The Mukimath Temple, Gangotri, Tapovan, Vasuki Tal, Gangnani, and Chirbasa are some of the noted tourist attractions nearby.

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  • 03Mukhba Village

    Mukhba Village

    Mukhba Village, also known as the Mukhwas Village, is of great religious significance for Hindus. During the winter season, the statue of the Hindu River Goddess Ganga is brought down to this village from its shrine located in Gangotri. It is done so because there is heavy snowfall in Gangotri, which consequently makes the temple inaccessible.  

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