Devaswom Museum, Guruvayur

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 The Devaswom Museum is situated towards the east gate of the Guruvayurappan Temple. It stores various important artifacts such as musical instruments, antiques, mural paintings, temple materials among many other important materials related to art and culture. The museum also treasures the valuable offerings of the Guruvayurappan Temple and the ornaments used to bedeck the elephants during the commencement of the Guruvayur festival.

The Devaswom Museum also exhibits pictures, idols and other belongings of famous poets like Poonthanam and Melapthur. It also displays the unique jewelry used in the performance of folk arts like Kathakali and Krishnanattam.

The place is a famous tourist attraction. A visit to this museum at Guruvayur is a must to know more about the culture of Kerala.


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