Chamundeswari Temple, Guruvayur

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 Chamundeswari Temple sits with pride in the vicinity of the Guruvayurappan Temple. Shri Chamundeswari is the presiding Goddess of this temple. Chamundeswari is another form of Mother Durga.

In the premises of this temple, there is another shrine which is consecrated to Thazhthukavu Bhagavathy. The deity of this shrine is laid in the form of a stone slab.

The Chamundeswari Temple is an ancient temple which is visited by hundreds of devotees every year. Devotees visiting the Guruvayurappan Temple always offer prayers here.

The temple is situated in the heart of the holy town of Guruyavur. Chamundeswari Temple is a nice place to meditate and to seek the divine power.


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