The Adalaj Step well, Gandhinagar

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The Adalaj stepwell, or Adalaj vav (Gujarati) is a unique Hindu well which is located about 15kms from Gandhinagar on the National Highway. This well is well-known for its marvellous architecture and intricate carvings. It was built in the year 1499 by a Muslim King Mohammed Begda for Queen Rudabai who is the wife of the Vaghela chief, Veer Singh. The well has spiritual importance among the villagers as they visit the place to fill water and offer prayers to the deities carved on the walls of the well. The walls are carved with mythological characters and scenes.

This well is a beautiful specimen of Indo-Islamic architecture and design. Due to its peculiar style in architecture, direct sunlight doesn't normally touch the steps except for a short period at noon. The temperature inside the structure is thus found cooler than its surroundings.

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