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Gandhidham Attractions - Tourist Places To Visit In Gandhidham

  • 01The Bhadreshwar Temple

    The Bhadreshwar Temple

    These temples in Bhadreshwar are believed to be the oldest Jain temples in India and Jain monk Shravak Devachandra laid the temple's foundation stone ages ago. The temple complex houses about 53 Jainalays that surround the main Bhadreshwar shrine. These temples were destroyed several times due to earthquakes and other natural calamities but have been successfully redone time and again.

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  • 02Purneshwar Temple

    The Purneshwar Temple near Gandhidham is said to have been constructed during the 9th and 10th centuries. This temple dedicated to lord Shiva is admired by many for its beautiful structures and architecture.

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  • 03Kandla Port

    Kandla Port

    Kandla is a sea port located in the Kutch district and is one of the major ports on the west coast. It was constructed during the year 1950, following the partition of India and Pakistan when the port of Karachi became a part of Pakistan. This is now the biggest port in India and can be visited with permission from the port officials.

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