Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple, Erode

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Kasthuri Aranganathar Temple is a temple which has a lot of history is associated with it. The temple is considered as one of the finest and most sacred temples in the temple town of Erode. The temple has a lot of unique features. Kasthuri is the main deity in this temple. This deity is very different from the other Ranganatha Perumal deities. There is a lot of myth associated with this temple. The dwara palakas are considered as one of the biggest features of this temple and are certainly very attractive in nature. According to the myth, these dwara palakas are actually devas who are cursed to become demons and that is why they are worshipping the almighty. Kamalavalli Thayaar is the Goddess who is worshipped here.

A lot of pilgrims do visit the temple on a regular basis ,and the main festival is organized in the temple premise during the month of March.

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