Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple, Erode

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Arudra Kabaliswarar Temple is a five hundred year old temple. This temple has a lot of specialties. Hundred and eight shivalingas are curved in the single shrine. It is in the state of Tamil Nadu and is located in the auspicious town of Erode. This temple is considered as the first ever temple in Tamil Nadu. It is believed by the local people that, as the sun falls on the face of the deity, a festival is being conducted there. Moreover, Mahashivaratri is also celebrated in full from in the temple premises. It is being said that one who makes a wish always get his or her desires fulfilled.

The sun rays always fall on the frontal side of the mandap. The people of Erode find this place to be a very auspicious one ,and they believe because of Lord Kabaliswarar they have peace and prosperity in the city.

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