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Muttukadu Backwaters, Covelong

Muttukadu’s Backwaters are famous as an avenue for many forms of water sports. One can go for kayaking, windsurfing or canoeing and explore the limits of his or her adrenaline rush. Muttukadu, a village located about 28 km away from Chennai, is a location that must not be missed, once at Covelong.

The fact that Muttukadu is located at an ideal distance from the city means that it’s easy to get to the natural haven without having to worry about pollution. This place is well maintained, with all tourism activities regulated by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Corporation.

Every year, during the month of February, a windsurfing event takes place here in Muttukadu. Otherwise known as the Windsurfing Regatta, the event attracts its fair share of visitors to Muttukadu Backwaters. The locality is diverse in flora and fauna and blends the elements of greenery and the expanse of water perfectly.

Muttukadu Backwaters Photos