Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary, Chittorgarh

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Sitamata Wildlife Sanctuary sprawls over the Aravalli Mountains and the Malwa Plateau. The sanctuary is filled with thick deciduous forests, which happen to be the only forests with such a large number of teak trees. Besides bamboo, salar, amla and bel, almost half of the trees are teak trees. The rivers such as Jakham and Karmoi pass through the sanctuary. There is a dam built over the Jakham River, which caters to the irrigation needs of the natives. Animals like leopards, hyenas, jackals, wildcats, porcupines, spotted deer, bears, and four horned antelopes can be sighted inside the sanctuary. Flying squirrel, an interesting nocturnal creature can be seen gliding between the trees at night.This place also holds mythological importance as it is believed that Sita, the wife of Lord Rama, stayed in Saint Valmiki's Ashram here during her exile.


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