Sanwariaji Temples, Chittorgarh

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Sanwariaji Temples are counted among the prominent religious centres of Chittorgarh. These are dedicated to Sanwariaji, an incarnation of Lord Krishna. These shrines are highly revered by Hindu devotees, especially in North India. Two of these temples are located on the National Highway 76, while the third shrine lies in the Bhadsoda Village, 1 km from the Bhadsoda Chouraha on NH 76.

There is an interesting tale behind these temples. It is believed that 250 years ago, a cowherd boy called Bholaram Gurjar dreamt of 4 statues of the deity buried at Bhadsoda. The place was dug, and the statues were recovered, but one of them got destroyed in the process and was reburied. The three remaining statues were installed at three temples and worshipped as Sanwariaji. The statues are beautiful and depict Lord Krishna playing the flute. Devotees throng the shrines, which are renowned for the magical blessings of the deity.


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