Vadapalani, Chennai

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Vadapalani in Chennai is a very ancient Hindu temple and is well-known throughout the country. The temple was built towards the end of the 17th century by Annasamy Naicker who was a devout follower of Lord Murugan. Naicker was very poor, but he had constructed a thatched hut and placed a photo of Lord Murugan in the hut that he would worship every day.

According to a legend, when Naicker was praying one day he experienced divine intervention. During this period he uttered things that turned out to be true. He was not keeping well, but after this experience he visited tiruthani and offered his tongue as a sacrifice at Balipeeta. He returned and requested a close friend for help. Inspired by his devotion people started making offerings at the hut built for Lord Murugan. This hut soon became a small shrine and then a large temple thanks to the many devotees thereafter.

The temple today stands of sprawling grounds. There is a theertham located in the premises of the temple and people believe that the water of the theertham has healing powers.

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