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The Gontse Gaden Rabgyel Lling  monastery, also famous as the GRL Monastery, which houses Buddhist Lamas and monks at Bomdila. It is also recognized as one of the major centers of the Lamaistic faith of Mahayana Buddhism. The GRL monastery is situated in the Western Kameng District of Arunachal Pradesh and was built by the 12th reincarnate of Tsona Gontse Rinpoche in 1965–66.

The main Gompa has three divisions, namely, the Lower Gompa, the Middle Gompa and the Upper Gompa. The Upper Gompa is considered to be the main monastery. While the Lower Gompa is situated at the end of the main market area, depicting the richness of Tibetan architecture, the Middle Gompa can be found at about 2 kms from the main market. There is a vast prayer hall inside the Lower Gompa. Popular belief says that ringing the bell of the Gompa fulfils one's wishes.

At the Middle Gompa, there is the Blue Medicine Buddha, which is also known as the Lord of Medications, as this deity is believed to cure diseases, by the locals. People perform prayers and meditation to undergo healing. The Middle Gompa is the oldest of all three gompas.

Apart from the Lower and the Middle Gompas, the GRL Monastery also has the Upper Gompa which is the main part of the monastery. It houses a school for the monk's children, along with a prayer hall and a buddha temple. The Upper gompa has proven to be a major tourist attraction over the years for its peaceful Buddhist preachings.

As this Gompa comprises of a vibrant building surrounded by serene atmosphere, it gives the visitors unmatched peace of mind. This Gompa is said to be a replica of the Tsona Gontse monastery at Tsona of southern Tibet. There is a prayer hall in the GRL monastery where the Lamas and the monks offer prayers. The Lamas live at a residential quarters which is located near the main gompa. The senior Lamas of the monastery engage in educating the younger Lamas about the Tantrayana practices and the monastic way of life.




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