Bhalukpong, Bomdila

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Bhalukpong is one such town, which is situated at a distance of about 100 kms from the town of Bomdila. As this town is 213 meters above the sea level, the visitors will be able to get a great view of nature. This town can also be reached from Tezpur as it is at a distance of just 52 kms.

According to history, Bhalukpong was ruled by the local tribal rulers known as the 'Aka'. The town was also subjected to occasional political dominance from Bhutan and Assam. During the British rule in 1873, this area of Arunachal Pradesh was declared off-limits. The locals of Bhalukpong, who mostly belong to the Aka Tribes celebrate the annual festival called the 'Nyethi dow' in January.

Apart from its scenic beauty, the town of Bhalukpong also offers recreational activities to the visitors, the major ones being Fish Angling and River Rafting, as it is located along the Kameng River. Additionally, some of the other tourists attractions of Bhalukpong are the Pakhui Game Sanctuary and the Tipi Orchidariurm, where the visitors can treat their eyes to over 2600 cultivated orchids from 80 variety of species.


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