Loktak lake, Bishnupur

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Loktak lake is the largest freshwater lake in north east India an important tourist attraction of Bishnupur. The Lake is located 48 kilometres from Imphal and can easily be reached on hired cars and buses. A major attraction of Bishnupur, The Keibul Lamjao National Park, the world's largest floating park is located on the southern shore of this lake.

An interesting aspect of the Loktak lake is that it is the only floating lake in the whole world. The lake has floating islands on it called the Phumidis which are also inhabited by the fishermen of the surrounding areas. Some of the Phumidis are artificially created for fish farming.

A visit to the Loktak Lake in Bishnupur District is incomplete without stepping foot at the Sendra Island. The Sendra Island on the Loktak lake is a popular picnic spot for the locals whereas for the tourist spot it is an added attraction while visiting Loktak Lake.

Apart from boating, the island also offers other sporting activities. The cafeteria in the Sendra Tourist Home is one of the prime attractions on the island from where the floating marshes, the clean blue waters and dozens of boats can be clearing seen. The island also offers a bird’s eye-view of most parts of the imposing lake. The Lake is home to several migratory and resident birds and thus birds can be watched from the island.


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