Ibudhou thangjing temple, Bishnupur

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Ibudhou thangjing temple is located in Moirang, one of the prominent cities of Bishnupur district in Manipur. It is an old temple dedicated to Ibudhou thangjing temple one of the most important traditional deities of the Manipuris. It is believed that Lord Thangjing protects Moirang from evil.

The ibudhou thangjing temple adorns itself with lights and glitters every year during the Lai Haroba festival. The Lai Haroba festival is celebrated during the month of May. It is a traditional festival paying respect to the pre-Hindu times deity Ebudhou Thangjing. Dancing, singing and feasting mark the festivities that go on for about a month.

The men and women dress in their traditional attires and proceed towards the temple praying to the Lord. The dance form called Khamba Thoibi is performed during the Lai Haroba festival. It is the best time to visit Moirang and participate in the festive spirit.


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