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Badami Fort, Badami

Badami Fort, a popular attraction of this area, is situated on the top of a hill, directly in front of the Badami Caves. This fort lies 2 km away from the main town and to the east of Bhootnath Temple. It was once the home of the kings of the Chalukyan Empire. Accessible only on foot, this fort has two Shivalaya complexes that were constructed in the 5th century by King Pulakesan II, who worshipped Lord Vishnu.

The upper Shivalaya is dedicated to Lord Shiva; whereas, the lower one is dedicated to Lord Ganesha. Visitors will see carved mythological tales on the exterior walls of upper Shivalaya, such as the elephant and the lion. A 16th century cannon belonging to Tipu Sultan is located to the north of lower Shivalayas that are in proximity of a 14th century watchtower. Counted among the must-see tourist spots of the area, the fort also has large granaries, a private hall, fortified walls and a secret underground chamber.