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Avantisvami Vishnu Temple, Avantipur

Avantisvami-Vishnu Temple was constructed by King Avantivarman, the son of Sukhvarman; the first Utpala king, before his succession to the throne. This temple is a mere 1 km away from the Shiva-Avantishvara Temple. As the name suggests, this pilgrimage site is dedicated to the Hindu god of preservation, Vishnu.

This shrine is comparatively smaller than the Shiva-Avantishvara Temple. Though the Avantisvami-Vishnu Temple is smaller in size, it is in much better condition than the Shiva-Avantishvara Temple despite being constructed with raw materials similar to it. It is that King Avantivarman appointed some of the best professionals of that time for the construction of the two shrines.

Although the temple lies in ruins, the excellent artistic skills of its builders can still be seen. D. R. Sahni was given the responsibility of the restoration work of the site. During the reconstruction process, archaeologists discovered innumerable coins and antiquities belonging to the Chinese, Muslim and Indian dynasties.

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