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  • 01Amboli Falls

    Amboli Falls

    The Amboli Falls is a fantastic tourist spot located in the city of Amboli. It attracts a lot of tourists annually. The spot is especially captivating during the monsoons when the water gushes in abundance and the surrounding greenery is in full bloom. The rains make the area around the waterfall misty and surreal. The period from June to October is a great time to visit this place.

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  • 02Shirgaonkar Point

    Shirgaonkar Point

    The Shirgaonkar Point proves to be a scenic picnic spot you can spend an evening at. Situated at a distance of 2.5 km from the city of Amboli, it is a major tourist attraction. The spot is especially worth a visit during the rains when the air is cooler and purer and the surrounding greenery is refreshing.

    The route that leads to the Shirgaonkar Point is enveloped in a dense forest and makes for a pretty sight seeing activity. There is a Shankar and Devi Temple in close proximity to this point.

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  • 03Hiranya Keshi Temple

    Hiranya Keshi Temple

    The Hiranya Keshi Temple in Amboli sees a lot of pilgrim activity throughout the year. Goddess Parvati is fondly called Hiranya Keshi and the temple, which goes by the same name, is dedicated to her. The shrine also houses an idol of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati’s husband.

    The temple is situated by the river side of Hiranya Keshi and is an apt place to indulge in some fishing activities or simply meditate. The natural beauty of the surrounding locale will leave you stunned.

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  • 04Nangartas Falls

    Nangartas Falls

    The Nangartas Falls is about 10 km away from Amboli. Situated in the Sindhudurg District, the Falls make for an attractive viewing during the monsoons. The water falls into a deep ravine 10 ft under which creates a deep resonant sound.

    The environs are pleasing and tourists generally like to come here to relax. A well made bridge ensures that tourists get a fantastic view of the ravine beneath as the water becomes one with the land below.

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  • 05Madhavgad Fort

    Madhavgad Fort

    The Madhavgad Fort is an amazing historic fort situated in the city of Amboli. Presently in a state of ruins, it is four times the size of the palace fort in Pune that goes by the name of Shaniwarwada. The Fort lies on the main road.

    The view from atop this fort is mesmerizing, with the entire Konkan and Arabian Sea being clearly visible from here. The surrounding forests ensure a surreal touch to the environment making the time spent here pleasurable. A nearby temple in the vicinity is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is believed to have been built by a man who was Shiva’s embodiment.

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