Melaseval Navaneethakrishnan Temple, Ambasamudram

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The Melaseval Navaneethakrishnan Temple is located at Melaseval. The temple is over 700 years old and dates back to the rule of the Travancore Kings. The temple houses the granite idol of Saligrama Moolavar in a standing position and holding ghee in his palms.

There are statues carved out in the main mandapam which depict the stories of Ramayana, Bhagavatham and Dasavataram. The temple area is more than one acre of land with paddy fields and coconut gardens within the complex.

The devotees throng to this place with the belief that the deity will fulfil their wishes, especially give boons to childless couples. The Krishnashtami festival is celebrated every year with much grandeur in this temple. 

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