Mechuka, Along

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The blue mountain valleys and the dense green forests of Mechuka is a home to the Memba tribe. It is a popular tourist destination and is famous for its scenic beauty and its Buddhist Monastery. The Buddhist Monastery is 400 years old and has many precious Buddhist scriptures and books preserved in its library. It is located in the western part of Along and is known as Samtem Yongcha. It is one of the oldest Buddhist monasteries. Mechuka has a number of ancient statues.

The beautiful Mechuka Lake is surrounded by lush greenery and offers a pleasant view of the enchanting beauty of mother nature. The Siom river flows through the pristine valleys of Mechuka. Mechuka is just 29kms away from the India - China border. Adi tribe or the people of Ramo reside in this region. The nearest airport is Lilabari airport.

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